Johnsmith is one of those artists so often under-recognized – he possesses a genius that cannot be denied, ignored, or overlooked. For the past thirty-plus years, Johnsmith has been sharing his music all across America and abroad. He has become a favorite at festivals, clubs, and house concerts alike. In addition to being a Kerrville New Folk Winner, Johnsmith has released seven solo CDs to rave reviews, leads musical tours to Ireland, teaches songwriting, and has served as a staff songwriter in Nashville.

With his faded jeans, his twinkly blue eyes, and his infectious smile, John immediately connects with audiences. You get the sense of a man who loves his life, his family and friends, and who loves nothing more than sharing that love in song and stories all across this land.

 John's newest CD, The Longing Road


Maggie Ferguson, from The Old Front Porch, WXOU, Auburn Hills, MI says:
"Johnsmith's new CD is incredible!!!!  Every song is a gem - so melodic, such poetry and humor. A divine culmination of a lifetime worth of living, craft, expression, and love.  Wow…hands down, The Longing Road is the best CD of 2014."

Bob McWilliams, KPR (Kansas) says:
“Darn you, Johnsmith! I'm driving on a gorgeous day, and put your new CD in to listen. ‘Family Artifacts,’ reduced me to tears and made me pull off the road. As you have done in the past, you have written another song that brings to the surface so many emotions. And you do it again and again throughout ‘The Longing Road.’ If it is even possible, you do it more powerfully than ever before. Your gift of writing deceptively simple songs that spring from a deep place in the soul is a rare one. And with the likes of Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott and Tom Prasada-Rao, the musical settings are exquisite.”

From Irish Nationally Syndicated Radio - Charlie McGettigen:

'It’s always a great occasion when a new Johnsmith album comes through the letterbox. When the first tracks of “The Longing Road” started coming out of my speakers there was that old familiar warmth in John’s voice and that pristine production that we have come to expect from him. However after the year that John has had there is something extra here this time. Songs like “Family Artifacts' and “She Loved Flowers” have that extra sincerity that comes from valuing those closest to us while comic relief comes from “Middle of the Moment”. All in all this is probably John’s best album to date . Musically ,with people like Darrell Scott and Tim O'Brien as well as many others joining him, it is full of gems while lyrically he has rarely been better. Ultimately it all comes down to the man himself and he is here with his heart on his sleeve and his voice in control. I’ll be playing this album regularly on my radio programme as well as on my home system.'

 John's preferred method is for you to buy the CDs directly from him by emailing him at  and we will send you an email invoice that can be paid with a credit card.   Please include the number of CDs you want and your address.  

Price is $15 for 1 CD plus $1 shipping.  

For big savings you can buy multiple CDs: 2 for $26, 3 for $36 etc.

Or you can send a check to:

24721 2nd St.
Trempealeau, WI 54661


 "John Smith's songs always move me. They make me laugh, cry, dance or just sing along. He is one of the most consistent writers of quality songs that I've ever met."

Lydia Hutchinson, Editor, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"When I first heard John Smith my attention was captured by his sweet, earthy voice and fine craftsmanship, but what drew me in was his heart. It's clear that he's lived the pain in his songs and that his optimism is hope born of wisdom. That's a rare thing and a gift to all who hear him."  

Tom Kimmel

“He is one of those really pure hearted people that isn’t wasting any time on the cool factor, he gets there by virtue of his integrity.”  

Frank Goodman

 "I feel like every time one of your songs gets heard a little healing happens to the world. And we need all of that we can get, that's for sure."  

Buddy Mondlock




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