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Hello folks, happy first weekend of May. I wanted to reach out about a couple WI and MN shows this weekend: Friday in Lanesboro, MN and Sat at Leo & Leona’s near LaCrosse. Details below.

Spring is full blown here along the banks of the high-water Mississippi River. Lilacs, Wild Plums, Crabapple trees, Bluebells, and all of our hearty Hostas are exploding.  And the biggest news in our yard is that we have a pair of Bald Eagles nesting in our White Pines five feet from the front door way up high in the tree. They have two eaglets that we can finally occasionally see. The parents work tirelessly to bring them fresh fish, muskrats, and God knows what else. I even have a new song about them that will be on my next CD, which I pray is going to be recorded this summer and fall. Send up a little song prayer mojo for its birth.

Life has been full since I last wrote in Jan. I had a fantastic work-study month at Esalen near Big Sur, CA. However getting out of there was a challenge as the rains washed out many sections of the Hwy 1 coast road including a major bridge. I also had a wonderful road trip in my WV Euro camper doing gigs in Fayetteville and Eureka Springs AR, and then onto a week in the magical Big Bend Nat Park area. Saw some stellar scenery, birds, stars, and did a really fun gig in Terlingua at the Starlight Theater.

I had a really fun run of shows in Nebraska that just happened to be when the 500, 000 Sandhill Cranes were doing their primal gathering along the Platte River. Put it on your bucket list. In April, my wife, Jo, and I camped at Fort Pickens National Seashore for two weeks. We had the most glorious weather. We’ve been going down every spring to meet up with Jo’s family for 35 years. Sugar white sand beaches, live oaks in the campground, and a few trails and plenty of peace and quiet.

So here we are in May.  Bring on the summer fun. Below is a list of the places I’ll be playing or leading trips. I do have a new opening for my Idaho Salmon River rafting trip. Details below.

I do hope to see some of you over these next months. Wish me luck on the recording. And let me know if you’re ever interested in possibly hosting a house concert. I love ‘em.

Enjoy the magic of the season wherever you are. And as always, thanks so very much for all your support year after year. It’s keeps me going.

For those of you I haven’t seen lately, visit my video webpage




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